Broker Associate

Eddie Lederman

Eddie Lederman, Broker Associate

Eddie Lederman is a proud Denver born citizen who grew up enjoying the beautiful amenities of the Rocky Mountains. Prior to his career in real estate, Eddie was an Upper Elementary Montessori teacher, which has developed the skills to effectively communicate client needs, and advocate for them like a bulldog. He loves using the whiteboard to illustrate market trends. He is open and honest and always strives to provide the details and facts so that his clients are fully aware of, and confident, about the right decision to make throughout the process.

He grew up in Park Hill near the Museum of Nature and Science, and City Park lake. Now, he lives on the west side of Denver where he enjoys playing Ultimate and rollerblading with his dogs around Sloan Lake.  He is currently on the board for the community garden next to Nettie Moore playground along Lakewood Gulch. He welcomes all people of all backgrounds and is always ready to discourse and dig deeper to help be a servant to the community. 

What Eddie enjoys most about being a realtor is the ability to empower his clients through ownership. It's not about him, it’s about ensuring that his clients feel as if they got what they wanted for the right price. He is attentive to the needs of his client and he is the best advocate one can ask for. He is primarily a verbal learner and can talk quite a bit if allowed.

In order to stay on top of Denver’s development, he attends monthly governance meetings for Denver Metro Realtor Association so as to stay abreast of the changing dynamics of the front range and ensure that Denver remains a gem of the West. 

He joined 360dwellings because he wants to be with like-minded realtors who share the same vision and expertise and who collaborate and innovate with the intention of making sure that they are doing the best for their clients. As a former teacher, he loves having a game plan for his team so as to ensure that everyone is on the same boat moving in the same direction. He is direct, genuine, and empathetic to your needs and aspirations, and he will always put the person before the profit. 

He is available 24/7 unless he’s out hiking or cross country skiing.

Office Phone Number: 303-532-4742

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