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Sept. 19, 2017

The Reality of Investing In A Home Near the Lightrail

via RTD


For most home buyers, the thought of living near a lightrail station will have one of two reactions. They will either rejoice that they are so near a simple way to commute around the metro area, or they will balk at the thought of the impact that will have on them and their neighborhood. Knowing which category you fall into is important before you begin looking at homes, as this could greatly affect the neighborhoods you are willing to live in.

First let's take a look at the benefits of having a station nearby. If your work or recreational activities are near the other end of a lightrail station, you are golden. You can leave your car parked safely at home and hop on the train for an easy commute to work or that day's sports game of choice without the hassle of traffic or parking. Maybe you travel a lot and dread the thought of driving to and from the airport (not to mention paying for parking!)? Problem solved, if you live near a lightrail station, thanks to the new A Line!

But what about the potentially negative impacts of living uncomfortably close to the station? For many, the noise alone is enough to deter them from these neighborhoods. And while the lightrail has come a long way in terms of unnecessary noise, the reality is that you may still notice the trains coming and going. The nearby station is also likely to draw in other commuters and recreational riders increasing traffic and difficulty finding parking in the area. 

You also have to consider the impact that buying a property near a lightrail station could have on potential buyers when you decide to sell down the line. Depending on the location and varying other factors, it could have either a positive or negative impact on the ability to sell the house quickly. Because of this, we recommend you take all of these factors into account when making the decision on whether you want to live in one of these areas (or not).

With 53 stations currently operating in the Denver metro area, it is important that you know where these are located as you begin your home search. Head right this way for a full map of the lightrail stations.
Sept. 12, 2017

360review: The Truffle Table

via Truffle Table

 The Highlands is one of the trendiest and fun neighborhoods in Denver, and for very good reason. Enter, The Truffle Table (and about a hundred other cool shops and restaurants in the area!). This little hot spot is the perfect place to meet friends for happy hour or even to spend a romantic evening out. Especially if you are a cheese fanatic like us!

The ambiance of this cute little spot is warm, friendly and inviting with the servers playing a big role in your comfort and enjoyment during your visit. The friendly staff offer helpful tips and suggestions for the novice cheese - and wine! - taster, with a healthy dose of humor and sarcasm (which we love!). It definitely has that neighborhood hangout feel that makes your feel welcome to stay and chat with your friends for as long as you'd like! 

via Truffle Table

When it comes to the cheeses, prepare to be overwhelmed in the best possible way. In addition to some really tasty menu items, you can just straight up order a full tasting of some of the best cheese, sourced from around the world. Whether you go for a cheese board, fondue, or any other cheesy menu item, you will not be disappointed. And fear not, if you find some that you simply can't live without, they also have a cheese shop in Denver where you can buy cheese to your heart's content. (psst! If some of their cheeses taste familiar it's because they supply many of your favorite Denver restaurants with the best cheese in town!)

The wine choices were also pretty tasty - and their list is extensive! - and they all complement the various cheeses beautifully. 

Bottom line, this is a must-visit spot, whether you fancy yourself a cheese connoisseur or not. We already know what we are ordering on our next visit (since we couldn't fit it all in on the first!). We're looking at you Sriracha Caramel Corn and Potato, Spinach and Gruyere Souffle with Tender Belly Bacon. Who wants to join us?! You can check out the full menu HERE.

**They have even shared their best fondue recipe on their site! We know what we'll be making this weekend!

Sept. 5, 2017

Our Top Ten Tips To Prepare For An Open House

The decision to sell your house is an important one, and typically follows a great deal of thought and research. Whether you are selling to upsize, downsize, move to a new city or area, there are some important things to keep in mind before listing your house. 

Assuming you will kick off your listing with an open house, your home should be ready to show well before it hits the market. Having property photos taken with your house in pristine condition, will help it shine and, hopefully, bring more people to your open house.


  1. Remove personal items from your home (or tuck them away in a drawer). The more the potential buyers can envision themselves living in the house, the better chance you have of selling it. 

  2. CLEAN! This might seem obvious, but you want your house to (literally!) sparkle on the day of your open house. If there is no dust or grime to detract from the beautiful features of your house, potential buyers can focus on the positives.

  3. Spruce up your landscaping. We aren't suggesting you hire a landscaper and spend thousands of dollars to get your home ready for the open house, but curb appeal is extremely important. Mow the lawn, pull any weeds, maybe plant a few flowers out front to give it a fresh look. This will provide the first impression of the home and will allow potential buyers to enter the house with a positive experience of the exterior. Hopefully that translates to the interior, even if one or two items need to be updated.

  4. Organize! Remember to organize spaces that are not used frequently, as potential buyers will notice. Spaces like the garage, laundry room and closets should all be neat and tidy if possible. Take special care not to overfill these spaces, however, as buyers may think that storage space is lacking in the property as a result.

  5. Finish any obvious minor repairs. If your sink leaks or you have a loose board on the back steps, make sure you fix these little details before the open house. While these are small fixes, they may be enough to put off buyers about how well the home has been cared for. These are easy ways to keep the focus on the positive elements of the house.

  6. Stage the house. The most important part of staging is to remove unnecessary clutter and help buyers envision what each space could be used for. A well-staged place should enhance the space, not take away from it, so try to keep things neutral and sized appropriately for the space. BONUS: Consider setting the dining room table with nice dishes and adding a fresh bouquet of flowers as a centerpiece. This will go far with the buyers who love to entertain.

  7. Remove all signs of pets. While we may love our furry friends, potential buyers may not. Make sure there are no odors or signs of your pets during your open house. This will eliminate another potential obstacle that may put off buyers. You want them to leave with a positive response to the house, not a negative one.

  8. Create a neutral palette. If you have any wild, bright, or dark paint colors on the walls, consider painting a neutral gray or linen color before the open house. Again, this will help buyers envision their furniture and belongings in the space. While paint is an easy fix ,some buyers don't have that vision with those sorts of distractions going on in the space.

  9. Fresh flowers. Consider adding bouquets of flowers to the bedrooms and living spaces, or even a fresh wreath to the front door. These small touches can have a positive impact on potential buyers as they walk through your home.

  10. Refreshments. This is a tip that agents often disagree on, but it certainly can't hurt to offer some tasty treats to potential buyers. If nothing else it will make them remember you (and hopefully your house!) at the end of a busy day looking at houses. BONUS: If your budget allows, try inviting a food truck (or ice cream truck on a hot day!) to your open house. If that isn't a showstopper, I don't know what is!

How did you prepare for your open house? Share with us in the comments below!

Aug. 9, 2017

Dog-Friendly Day Hikes From Denver

It's no surprise that Denverites love their four-legged companions and like to take them just about everywhere they go (including to work!). And with so many great trails just a short drive from Denver, you will often see just as many dogs on busy hiking trails as humans (we are certainly not complaining!). 

Dog-Friendly Day Hikes From Denver
Photo Credit: Philip Moffett

While dogs are allowed on a great deal of trails, it is always wise to do a little research before you load up the car for a day of outdoor adventure, pup in tow. National Parks (a la Rocky Mountain National Park) do not allow dogs on trails or in the back country and some other trails outside of these parks will follow suit. Be sure to look online or check the signs at the trailhead to make sure it is a safe area to bring your furry friend. And always make sure you keep them on leash as required on most trails. It is for their own safety. 

Here are a few of our favorite dog-friendly hikes just a short drive from the mile high city.

  1. Alderfer / Three Sisters Park: > 15 miles of trail, easy - moderate (Evergreen)
  2. Lair O' the Bear: > 12 miles of trail, easy - hard (Morrison)
  3. Eldorado Canyon: > 20 miles of trail, easy - hard (Boulder)
  4. Mount Falcon Park: > 12 miles of trail, easy - hard (Morrison)
  5. Staunton State Park: > 30 miles of trail, easy - hard (Pine)
  6. Butler Gulch Trail: > 5 miles of trail, moderate - hard (Empire)
What trails do you and your dogs enjoy most? Share them with us on social media!

Bonus Infographic!
Infographic Best Dog-Friendly Day Hikes From Denver
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April 27, 2017

Where to Score Unique Reclaimed Items For Your House

In the past several years, home design has taken a big shift away from 'shiny and new,' towards incorporating a bit of history and uniqueness into our own homes. Not only does this mean you can set your home apart from your neighbors, but you can do it at a fraction of the cost of buying new. 

The Denver metro area offers dozens of spots to score your own reclaimed goods, and we have decided to share eight of our absolute favorite spots with you. 

Bud's Warehouse

With a mission to rebuild lives through their career and life-skills development program, Bud's is a nonprofit creating a huge impact in the Denver metro area.  Their 30,000 square foot show room is packed full of just about any new, used or antique home improvement products you could possibly need. They are known for having a great supply of cabinets on hand (at a seriously reduced price!) as well as tiles, lighting, bathroom fixtures and SO MUCH MORE!

Front Range Timber

It will likely come as no surprise to you that the reclaimed wood 'movement' (yes, it is officially a movement at this point!) has exploded in recent years and we couldn't be more thrilled. Whether you are in the market for antique hand hewn beams, a reclaimed barn wood wall, or you want to build your own custom piece, Front Range Timber is a fantastic resource. 

Resource Boulder

With a heavy focus on environmental conservation, Resource is packed full of great remodeling items for your next renovation project. They often have granite countertops, cabinets, and more tiles than you can count. If you are also in need of a special tool for your project, you should check out their Tool Library. You can rent anything from lawn mowers to circular saws for just a few dollars. So if you aren't interested in investing in a power tool that you only plan to use a handful of times, this is a great resource in Boulder. 

Habitat For Humanity ReStore 

If your home needs a home DIY project or two, this is a great place to go. With everything from appliances and windows, to cabinets and bathtubs you will score some seriously good deals! It is also a great place to donate any leftover or replaced items from your own home, as the proceeds go to a really great cause.  

Rocky Mountain Reclaimed

If new is more your style, but you like the look of reclaimed wood, Rocky Mountain Reclaimed should be your first stop. Their unique process takes new lumber and run it through a process that gives the look and feel of real reclaimed wood. They also offer a variety of finishes and colors to suit any project you might be working on.

Rare Finds Warehouse

If you are looking for original furniture pieces to incorporate into your home, Rare Finds is hands down one of the best places in Denver. Not only do they offer a variety of trendy pieces, they also travel the world in search of those one-of-a-kind statement pieces that you don't even know you're missing. (They just unloaded a container from India and Egypt!) Here you will find everything from dining room tables (they even do custom tables!) and beautiful wood hutches to upholstered furniture and vintage metal lockers. Walking this beautiful space don't be surprised if you pick out more than your car can hold. The store is laid out beautifully, allowing you to wander for hours imagining what pieces might look like in your own home. And the best part? These unique finds are actually affordable! Be sure to follow them on Facebook for sales alerts!

Barns 2 Home

Whether you need help with a reclaimed wood DIY project, want to have a custom piece created just for you, or you simply want to pick out some reclaimed barn wood to take home, Barns 2 Home is a fantastic option. The barn wood they stock is absolutely beautiful and adds the perfect amount of character to any project. (spoiler alert: they also sell stunning reclaimed barn-style sliding doors for your home!)  

Go Green Warehouse

This great spot is unique in more ways than one, namely the fact that they support our veterans. Their mission is to provide financial capital to nonprofit veteran entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact in the community. Not only does this create enormous change in our communities, it gives veterans a renewed sense of purpose when they return home from defending our freedom. This unique thrift store accepts donated, used, recycled, and surplus building materials and sells them at an extreme (75%) discount. They will even send a truck to your door to pick up any donations you might have for them. You can't beat that! 

What is your favorite spot to score?! 

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Feb. 28, 2017

101 Unique Reasons to Love Denver

Recently named the fastest growing city in the country, people are flocking to Denver like never before and it's easy to see why. In honor of Valentine's Day, we decided there was no better time to share our favorite things about the (mile high) city we all know and love. Whether you support the onslaught of newcomers or not (or maybe you are one!), in the spirit of Valentine's Day we figured we would share the love. If you are looking for family-friendly activities or planning the perfect date night, this list has something for everyone, and we are certain that it will inspire you to fall in love with your city all over again.

Without further ado, 101 Unique Reasons to LOVE Denver:

  1. VooDoo Doughnuts

  2. Washington Park on a summer's day

  3. Red Rocks Amphitheater

  4. It's the birthplace of the cheeseburger!

  5. Random 70-degree weather in the middle of winter

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