Whether or not you happen to live in one of the popular neighborhoods surrounding Sloan Lake, there are plenty of reasons to plan a visit to west Denver. The beautiful lake offers plenty of recreational activities with a view, the neighborhood streets are quiet and charming, and the number of restaurants and bars seems to grow nearly every day. And while Denver neighborhoods rarely disappoint in the booze department, Sloan Lake is certainly no exception. So as we move into a brand new year and you are looking to reconnect with friends and colleagues, don't overlook this charming neighborhood for a little happy hour enjoyment.

And in case you still aren't convinced, we rounded up our 10best spots for an after work drink in Sloan Lake. Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

  1. Sloan's Bar & Grill
  2. Joyride Brewing Company
  3. Providence Tavern
  4. Hogshead Brewery
  5. Tap & Burger
  6. Seedstock Brewery
  7. GB Fish & Chips
  8. Skyline Pub
  9. Growler USA
  10. Happy Leaf Kombucha (for the non-alcohol inclined)