via Truffle Table

 The Highlands is one of the trendiest and fun neighborhoods in Denver, and for very good reason. Enter, The Truffle Table (and about a hundred other cool shops and restaurants in the area!). This little hot spot is the perfect place to meet friends for happy hour or even to spend a romantic evening out. Especially if you are a cheese fanatic like us!

The ambiance of this cute little spot is warm, friendly and inviting with the servers playing a big role in your comfort and enjoyment during your visit. The friendly staff offer helpful tips and suggestions for the novice cheese - and wine! - taster, with a healthy dose of humor and sarcasm (which we love!). It definitely has that neighborhood hangout feel that makes your feel welcome to stay and chat with your friends for as long as you'd like! 

via Truffle Table

When it comes to the cheeses, prepare to be overwhelmed in the best possible way. In addition to some really tasty menu items, you can just straight up order a full tasting of some of the best cheese, sourced from around the world. Whether you go for a cheese board, fondue, or any other cheesy menu item, you will not be disappointed. And fear not, if you find some that you simply can't live without, they also have a cheese shop in Denver where you can buy cheese to your heart's content. (psst! If some of their cheeses taste familiar it's because they supply many of your favorite Denver restaurants with the best cheese in town!)

The wine choices were also pretty tasty - and their list is extensive! - and they all complement the various cheeses beautifully. 

Bottom line, this is a must-visit spot, whether you fancy yourself a cheese connoisseur or not. We already know what we are ordering on our next visit (since we couldn't fit it all in on the first!). We're looking at you Sriracha Caramel Corn and Potato, Spinach and Gruyere Souffle with Tender Belly Bacon. Who wants to join us?! You can check out the full menu HERE.

**They have even shared their best fondue recipe on their site! We know what we'll be making this weekend!