One of the most important elements of listing your home for sale is ensuring that it is in tip top shape for your open house. If you can create a clean, inviting, and neutral atmosphere in the space you allow potential buyers to envision their lives happening there. This is where staging comes in. And while there are certainly a number of expenses that can come along with staging your home for sale, it doesn't have to break the bank.

Our top six tips for staging your home on a budget:

  1. Remove any personal belongings.
    Family photos and the family pet's bed should all be removed for any showing of your home.
  2. Only keep necessary furniture in the space.
    If you have four couches in your family room, maybe consider putting two in storage. Simplicity and minimal furnishings can help the space to feel larger (always a good thing!).
  3. Two words: fresh flowers!
    Adding a vase here and there full of colorful fresh flowers is a great way to brighten a space and make potential buyers smile as they tour your home.
  4. Run an essential oil diffuser throughout the open house.
    Add bright, happy essential oils like citrus or eucalyptus to your favorite diffuser. Or if you really want to pull out all the stops you can bake a plate of cookies before everyone arrives.
  5. Add some character to your living room.
    Since this is where the family tends to gather in most homes, simple additions like throw pillow covers are both inexpensive and effective at giving a space new life.
  6. A gallon of paint goes a long way.
    If you have an eye for bold colors and have painted your bedroom lemon lime, a coat of a soft gray paint will allow potential buyers to see all of the positive qualities of your bedroom without that getting in the way.

How do you stage your home on a budget? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!