Regardless of whether you have any intention of selling your home in the next few years, it is wise to stay on top of any necessary updates that need attention. A well maintained home is not only nice to live in, it also shows incredibly well and is evident to potential buyers that there are no hidden issues lurking. Kitchens and bathrooms are most important when it comes to updating, as these are typically the most costly rooms to modernize, and ones many buyers want to already have finished when buying a new home. It is easy to think that these updates are out of your budget, but did you know there are some great ways to save big when doing a renovation like a bathroom?

Whether you pay someone to install everything for you, or you decide to tackle some of the project yourself, here are a few simple ways to save you money on your next bathroom remodel.

  1. Toilets, vanities, shower stalls and more can all be found (brand new!) at places like ReStore and Bud's Warehouse for a fraction of the cost of a big box store.
  2. Shopping around online is a great way to find faucets and light fixtures at competitive prices.
  3. Ask for a deal at your local tile shop. If they have any tiles on clearance, don't be afraid to ask if that's the best that they can offer you! 
  4. If you are inclined to put a bit of sweat equity into your renovation, Bath and Granite is a great place to start. They have vanities, bathtubs, shower doors, and countertops at affordable prices, so long as you are comfortable installing them on your own (or hiring a handyman!). Be sure to check out their clearance vanity and countertop section for some major steals!
  5. Keep an eye out for rebates from your local water provider on toilets and fixtures that save water.