best coffee in denver

One of the first things people research once they move into a new home is where their nearest coffee shop is (or is that just us?!). And while caffeine might be what drives us there, we also want a place where the faces are smiling and the atmosphere is inviting. So we created our own list of criteria for finding the best coffee in the Denver area. They all had to have a place to sit (no to go-only places!), good coffee, friendly staff, easy parking, and of course, wifi.

This list could literally go on forever (or pretty close!), but we rounded up some of our favorite spots around the city that meet all of the requirements.

The Best Coffee Shops in Denver:

  1. Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters

  2. QuinceEssential Coffee House

  3. The Molecule Effect

  4. Jubilee Roasting

  5. Little Owl Coffee

  6. 2914 Coffee

  7. Blue Sparrow Coffee

  8. Session Coffee

  9. River and Roads Coffee

  10. Beet Box

  11. Mmm Coffee

  12. Purple Door Coffee

  13. Two Rivers Coffee

  14. Prodigy Coffeehouse

  15. Pinwheel Coffee

Did we miss any of your favorites?! Share in the comments below!