Well, the secret is out. It seems like everyone loves Denver these days. At least everyone is moving here (Denver is a top 5 Real Estate market in the US). If you haven't fallen in love with Denver yet, here are 99 reasons why you should. And when you finally decide to make that move to the Mile High City, give the top-rated Denver real estate agents a call.

99 reasons to fall in love with Denver


  1. Voodoo Doughnuts (and the world-famous bacon maple bar)
  2. Is there a better place to live during a pandemic? It is an outdoor haven, and there’s something about that fresh Mtn air that just makes things feel better.
  3. Washington Park on a summer's day
  4. The world-famous Red Rocks Amphitheater
  5. Whitewater rafting is just 30 minutes away
  6. Fun casinos are just a 45-minute drive
  7. The magic tree that plays music when you open the secret door (anyone know where it is?!)
  8. 16th Street Mall is the perfect place to get your 'weird' on
  9. REI flagship store
  10. Intertube down rapids in the heart of Denver at Confluence Park
  11. Denver brews more beer than any other city (Denver is home to 148+ breweries, with many located in Downtown Denver)
  12. The world's largest flat-top mountain is in Grand Mesa, just a few hours away
  13. Every year Denver hosts the world's largest rodeo, the Western Stock Show - Yeehaw!
  14. We have the largest city park system in the nation with 205 parks inside the city limits and 20,000 acres of park in the nearby mountains
  15. Rocky Mountain National Park, the outdoor holy grail, is a 90-minute drive from Denver
  16. Denver Union Station (play the pick a random train game)
  17. The tallest sand dune in America is in the Great Sand Dunes National Park
  18. Cupcakes from French for Sugar. Scratch that, everything from French for Sugar
  19. Kaying in Downtown Golden
  20. Stand up paddle boarding at Bear Creek State Park
  21. Wakeboarding at Sloan's Lake (literally inside Denver)
  22. The world's largest natural hot springs pool is located in Glenwood Springs
  23. Yes, they call it Menver ladies (19,000 extra men are available for those single gals)
  24. Kickball at City Park (KIFAC is awesome)
  25. The home to the second-largest performing arts complex in the nation (10 theaters, seating 10,000 people in total!)
  26. Marijuana is legal and very, very normal
  27. Pablo's Coffee (Danger Monkey)
  28. Opening day at Coor's Field
  29. Denver St Patrick's Day Parade
  30. One of the most bike-friendly cities in the US
  31. The Mile High Culture Pass
  33. Where else can you ski and golf all in the same day?
  34. 300 days of sunshine per year (that's more than San Diego or Tampa Bay)
  35. A major sports team from every professional sport (Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, Avalanche, Rapids, & Mammoth)
  36. You can scuba dive with sharks
  37. Rocky Mountain sunsets (see also: Coors Field)
  38. The financial savings of drinking at altitude (less beer for the same buzz!)
  39. Larimer Square at night
  40. The 9 hidden elves in the Museum of Nature & Science
  41. It's the only US. city to turn down the Winter Olympics
  42. The Mayan Theater (best brew and view)
  43. Frozen Dead Guy Days is a short drive away every year and one of the most bizarre festivals you will ever attend
  44. Yes, Denver is a Mile High, and there are plenty of places around town that mark exactly 5,280 ft of altitude. Like the steps at the Capitol building, and a row of seats at Coors Field. And yes, it does give our sports teams a real home-field advantage. But did you know that Denver is just the 3rd highest capital city in the country, behind Santa Fe and Cheyenne?
  45. Stand in line for the best ice cream in town at Little Man ice cream
  46. The rooftop bar at Linger (did you know it used to be a mortuary?!) There may or may not be a camp trailer posing as a bar.
  47. The best improv at Bovine Metropolis Improv Comedy
  48. The RiNo District Brewery Tour (there's even a FREE weekend shuttle now!)
  49. Tennyson Street first Friday
  50. Avanti Food & Beverage (when you have a large group and everyone wants something different)
  51. An airport that looks like a circus tent
  52. And has several conspiracy theories...
  53. Cooper Lounge (overlooking the terminal of Union Station!)
  54. Denver Botanic Gardens
  55. The best real estate brokerage in Denver
  56. 1Up Arcade & Bar (Ahem, Pacman and giant Jenga. Need we say more?!)
  57. Williams & Graham Prohibition-era Speakeasy
  58. Denver Central Market (11 vendors, one house)
  59. Bluebird Theater for live music
  60. Antique shopping at Antique Row
  61. Denver Money Museum (you can get your very own bag of shredded money!)
  62. Everyone is so nice (we sometimes wonder if it's the lack of oxygen?!)
  63. The Unsinkable Molly Brown House Museum
  64. Afternoon Tea at Brown Palace
  65. A wildlife refuge at a former nuclear superfund site - Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge
  66. The top rated Real Estate agents in all of Denver
  67. The sky really is bluer! (thanks to less water vapor in the air at this altitude!)
  68. The Big Blue Bear peeking into the Convention Center
  69. The food trucks at Civic Center Park
  70. Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum
  71. 12 ski areas within a 2 hour drive
  72. Bikalope Tour
  73. Rocky Mountain Oysters (yes, it's a real thing)
  74. from Denver's oldest restaurant (Buckhorn Exchange)
  75. Denver Cat Company (for the feline lovers among us)
  76. The Children's Museum of Denver
  77. Elitch Gardens (we hope they open this Summer)
  78. Dinosaur Ridge is the #1 Dinosaur track site in the nation, with over 300 Dinosaur tracks! There is a visitor's center, and then you can take a guided tour back in time. Dinoridge.org
  79. Crazy architecture at the Denver Art Museum (kids get in FREE!)
  80. The famous Hammond's Candy Factory
  81. Four Mile Historic Park (home to Denver's oldest standing structure!)
  82. The best gift ever Dushanbe tea house in Boulder
  83. Colorado Dragon Boat Festival
  84. Zombies take over the city once a year
  85. And Santa too
  86. Great American (Drunken) Beer Festival (Party)
  87. You can take a train skiing
  88. You can eat outdoors in the middle of February!
  89. You can drive to Vail in 2 hours for the best bowl skiing in the country
  90. Cheesman Park (Did you know it used to be a cemetery? Do you think it's haunted?!)
  91. The Rumble in the Rockies (best night of amateur boxing for the best cause)
  92. Book Bar Denver (That's right, part bookstore, part bar!)
  93. You can cross country ski on many golf courses throughout the winter
  94. Wine (or beer!) & chocolate classes at The Chocolate Therapist
  95. The Paramount Theater
  96. The Crawford Hotel (at Union Station)
  97. You can run around Denver in your underwear (Cupid's Undie Fun Run)
  98. Our claim to fame, the Movie - Things to Do in Denver While Your Dead
  99. The best hangover cure out there (pssst, CBD coffee)