It will come as no surprise to anyone who has been following the Denver market to learn that it is in the top ten of a number of different polls for expected growth in 2018. That means there is no time like the present to invest here in the mile high city. But figuring out which neighborhood will get you the most bang for your buck can take a bit of research, which is why 360dwellings is happy to help guide you toward the best investment that meets whatever criteria you have in mind.

You can use a wide range of factors to determine what neighborhoods are the ones to watch for 2018, with everything from recent income growth, current employment rates, average home sale prices, crime statistics, school ratings, influencing the final scores. Here's an inside look at our top ten neighborhoods to watch.

Denver's 10 Hottest Neighborhoods For 2018:
  1. Congress Park (percentage increase in home sale price: 19.13%)
    This area has seen a surge in restaurants and shops flooding in over the past few years, making it even more desirable. Bungalows and traditional brick homes are commonly found here surrounded by mature landscaping. The schools are highly sought after as well, making it even more popular.
  2. Hilltop (percentage increase in home sale price: 17.68%)
    While expensive, this established neighborhood has beautiful historic homes that make most of us green with envy, as does historic Cranmer Park which is a very popular green space. This is one of those areas that you can envision going for long walks along the wide, tree-lined streets, pup in tow, even if you can't quite afford to live here yourself!
  3. Mar Lee (percentage increase in home sale price: 20.21%) 
    This affordable neighborhood has been booming and is highly desirable for first-time buyers. The low crime rate, parks, dining-out options, and proximity to amenities are among the top reasons for the surge.
  4. Hampden South (percentage increase in home sale price: 33.45%)
    Yes, you read that correctly: 33.45% increase in the average home sale price! Yikes! If that isn't reason enough, this area suburban neighborhood offers easy access to all of the amenities without the hassle of difficult parking and crazy traffic. You can also score some pretty sweet views of the foothills from here!
  5. Indian Creek (percentage increase in home sale price: 19.76%)
    This quieter neighborhood is likely to have you feeling like you are a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located just west of Cherry Creek, you can enjoy the popular cycling path which cuts through this great neighborhood. Part warehouses (with some pretty cool shops), part residential this neighborhood is one to watch.
  6. Sloan Lake (percentage increase in home sale price: 22%)
    This eclectic neighborhood has seen a surge in ultra modern homes going up next to the more historic architecture is was known for in years past. The beautiful lake and the influx of hip restaurants in the area are just a few of the reasons folks are flocking here.
  7. Windsor (percentage increase in home sale price: 19.12%)
    Touted as one of the safest neighborhoods in the city, this neighborhood is chock full of apartments and condominiums making it stand out from many of the surrounding areas. From here you have easy access around town via some pretty main thoroughfares and great schools.
  8. University Hills (percentage increase in home sale price: 21.48%)
    Home to the University of Denver, this bustling neighborhood is filled with coffee shops, bars, and casual dining options to suit the student population in the area. The crime rate is quite low here, while the schools are highly rated.
  9. Rosedale (percentage increase in home sale price: 26.12%)
    A list of unique offerings, this neighborhood is soaring due to its popular parks, exceptional schools, and proximity to the fun area of South Pearl Street.
  10. Berkeley (percentage increase in home sale price: 16.03%)
    This busy neighborhood has exploded in recent years, and is highly sought after for its beautiful tree-lined streets, mixed in with all of the charm and amenities one could want out of their neighborhood. 

What neighborhood do you have your eye on for 2018? Share with us in the comments below!