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For most home buyers, the thought of living near a lightrail station will have one of two reactions. They will either rejoice that they are so near a simple way to commute around the metro area, or they will balk at the thought of the impact that will have on them and their neighborhood. Knowing which category you fall into is important before you begin looking at homes, as this could greatly affect the neighborhoods you are willing to live in.

First let's take a look at the benefits of having a station nearby. If your work or recreational activities are near the other end of a lightrail station, you are golden. You can leave your car parked safely at home and hop on the train for an easy commute to work or that day's sports game of choice without the hassle of traffic or parking. Maybe you travel a lot and dread the thought of driving to and from the airport (not to mention paying for parking!)? Problem solved, if you live near a lightrail station, thanks to the new A Line!

But what about the potentially negative impacts of living uncomfortably close to the station? For many, the noise alone is enough to deter them from these neighborhoods. And while the lightrail has come a long way in terms of unnecessary noise, the reality is that you may still notice the trains coming and going. The nearby station is also likely to draw in other commuters and recreational riders increasing traffic and difficulty finding parking in the area. 

You also have to consider the impact that buying a property near a lightrail station could have on potential buyers when you decide to sell down the line. Depending on the location and varying other factors, it could have either a positive or negative impact on the ability to sell the house quickly. Because of this, we recommend you take all of these factors into account when making the decision on whether you want to live in one of these areas (or not).

With 53 stations currently operating in the Denver metro area, it is important that you know where these are located as you begin your home search. Head right this way for a full map of the lightrail stations.