For us it always feels like Thanksgiving is the official start to winter: the ski resorts are open, the streets are twinkling with Christmas lights, and our heaters have been switched on at night. With the arrival of winter also comes a checklist of things to do on your home for the changing of the seasons. Since the festivity of the holidays can often overshadow these important tasks, we wanted to share a few important things to add to your weekend to do list to prepare for another Colorado winter.

While there are certainly bigger, costlier projects you can do to prepare your home for winter and make it more efficient, let's be realistic. Keeping the items on your to do list simple and achievable means you are a lot more likely to accomplish them.

Ten Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for A Colorado Winter. 

  1. Blow out your sprinklers.
  2. Replace your furnace filters.
  3. Identify and fix any drafts around your doors.
  4. Caulk your windows, both inside and out. (Did you know that simple leaks can sap your energy efficiency by 5 to 30% every year?!)
  5. Insulate your pipes.
  6. Install a smart thermostat.
  7. Clear your gutters. (hello, snow melt!)
  8. Clean your fireplace.
  9. Protect your outdoor plants. (or bring them in if you can)
  10. Reverse your ceiling fans to clockwise. (keep that warm air right where you want it!)

How do you prepare yourself and your home for winter in Colorado? Share your ideas in the comments below!