Happy New Year!

Hope everyone's keeping up with their New Year Resolutions... only 355 days to go!

Sellers celebrated the first half of the year with a crazy blur of multiple offers and fast sales. In May/ June of 2018
, it was the buyers turn to celebrate as we saw inventory rise, forcing sellers to make price reductions for the first time in years.

Even though we saw price reductions, home prices continued to climb. We just didn't see the rapid rate of appreciation that we've experienced over the past few years. We're doing the speed limit now vs. driving at 120 MPH. Home prices are still up 8.34% since this time last year.

Average Denver Metro Home Price: $508,016
Total Number of Homes for Sale: 3,892
Average Days on Market: 41

Click Here for a Video explanation of our current market by one of our leading analysts, Megan Aller.

Here are a few things to keep you busy this winter...

International Snow Sculpture Championships

16 Teams from around the world descend on Breckenridge to hand carve 20-ton blocks of snow into intricate works of art. Temporary art at it's finest.
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January 25-30th - Breckenridge

Winter Concert at Red Rocks?

It's a one of a kind experience celebrating the convergence of music, art, community and show in one of the most iconic venues in the world. Come check out De La Soul, Living Legends, and many more. Wear long underwear!
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The National Western Stock Show

This morning there were Longhorn Cattle, horses & Western Wagons making their way from Union Station down 17th St. in the annual stock show parade. It's stock show season!
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X Games - Aspen

What's not to love about Aspen? What a cool mountain town and a perfect venue for one of the greatest competitions in skiing and snowboarding. Come see some of the best in the world do their thing.
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January 24th - 27th

Home prices continue to rise in large part because people continue to move to the Denver area. According to the US Census Bureau, 80,000 people moved to Colorado from mid-2017 to mid-2018.

"Move-Up" Buyers are on the rise. Most homeowners are equity rich so they are using the equity to pay-off credit card & student debt while still having enough to put down on their next home.

FHA has raised their loan limits to $561,200 in Denver for a single family home. If you're looking for a duplex that goes to $718,450, 3 unit is $868,400 and 4 unit is $1,079,250. More and more people are buying multiunits, living in the nicest one and renting out the other units to get their mortgage paid for. 

Low supply of inventory will still drive the market in 2019 and push prices up as Denver still remains a popular destination due to the quality of life at a Mile High. Get ready for the market to start heating up in February as it has for the past 8 years.